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پيش فرض Damping of Low Frequency Electro-Mechanical Oscillations Using UPFC Based on Cuckoo O

Damping of Low Frequency Electro-Mechanical Oscillations Using UPFC Based on Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm

In this study alinearized Heffron-Phillipsmodel of a single machine power system installed with a unified power flow controller (UPFC) has been presented. The selection of the output feedback parameters for the UPFC controllers is converted to an optimization problem which is solved by cuckoo optimization algorithm (COA).COA, as a new evolutionary optimization algorithm, is used in multiple applications. This optimization algorithm has a strong ability to find the most optimistic results for dynamic stability improvement. The effectiveness of the proposed controller for damping low frequency oscillations is tested and results compared with imperialist competitive algorithm (ICA).The controllers are tested to variations in system loading. There sulks analysis reveals that COA minimized cost function and improved dynamic stability, better than ICA. In addition, the potential and superiority of the proposed method over the ICA is demonstrated. The simulation results analysis shows that the designed COA based output feedback UPFC damping controller has an excellent capability in damping low frequency oscillations and enhance rapidly and greatly the dynamic stability of the power systems.

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